Who We Are

We are a Community Based Christian ministry operating in the District of Gomba, Uganda in Africa. We are in the town of Kanoni. We are local servants of the Lord, not missionaries sent from another country. We began this work in 2007. Our board is made up of a team of five people who serve with joy and expectation.

We provide food, housing and medical care for both male and female underprivileged children between 3 and 17 years old. We also enroll sponsored children in school, giving them educational opportunities that will change their lives and future. Currently, we are caring for 67 children. However, only 23 of them are able to attend school, so we are hopeful for more sponsors.

In addition, we reach out to the elderly (age 65+) in our community by providing some basic needs. This is made possible by additional gifts from our sponsors.  We are presently providing this care to 17 elderly people.

We serve these precious souls as our way of showing Christ’s love to the world. Please partner with us to fulfill the mandate of love. You may do this through moral support, prayer, and donations.

This is an image of our government registration certificate.