Sponsor a Child

Better Lives for Orphans

Basic Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child, you will be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. 

Basic sponsorship provides: 

  • Medical care – which often can save a life.
  • Nourishing food
  • Mentoring
  • A safe environment through the oversight of a local evangelical church.
  • Opportunities to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to connect with us on our Facebook page. This will enable you to receive fresh updates about the ministry and the children. Willy will also contact you personally through Facebook Messenger or an email address you provide. 

Allow God to work through you to transform the life of a child who has lived in poverty.

Basic sponsorship is only $30 per month! Please donate using our Paypal account. 

Education Sponsorship

While basic sponsorship will provide care for the life of a child, there is also a need to educate every child. Education is the key to their future. The fee for sending the children to school in our region is $40 per term (3 months).

There are 3 school terms every year. At $40 per term, the total cost is $120 per year.  Compared to the cost of tuition per student in the USA and Europe, this fee is very small for a quality education. 

Currently, we have 67 children in our home. Only 23 of them have financial support to attend school.  We want to see all our children have this life-changing opportunity. school. Please consider providing education sponsorship for one or more of our orphans. 

Willy will send you a photo of your child’s report card after each term. Please donate using our Paypal account. 

Full Sponsorship

Full Sponsorship is when you support a child for basic needs PLUS an education.

Basic Sponsorship – $30 per month = $360 per year.

Education Sponsorship – $40 per term = $120 per year.

Full Sponsorship – Basic PLUS Education – $480 per year.

You can send your sponsorship monthly, quarterly or annually. Whatever works best for you. Please donate using our Paypal account.

Special Gifts

There are also opportunities to provide special gifts for the children.

New bedding includes a mattress, pillow, sheets and a mosquito net.

Shoes make a great gift. They are always appreciated.


Other possibilities: school supplies uniforms, holiday gifts, birthday gifts. Ask Willy for ideas. He can tell you what your child could use.

Please note that while items can be sent directly to us, your donation will go further if you send money. Tell us what you want us to buy for your child and we will get it in Uganda. Prices are lower here in our country and you won’t have to pay for shipping.