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Whether it is sponsorship of a child or help for the elderly, your giving makes a difference.

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UGANDA IS ON LOCKDOWN. We are unable to travel to Kampala to receive funds from PayPal. Some of our donors are sick and others have had to close their business. We have a need for funds to fill this gap. Those who are able to help us feed the children during this emergency can send money directly to the Director’s Cell Phone (Kawooya Willy).  It’s easy to do. Simply open a free website account at

  • Go to the page.
  • Click on Sign Up.  You will need to enter Willy’s information so he can receive funds. It is listed further down this page.
  • Login to your new account.
  • Choose a country to send money to – Select UGANDA
  • Press Get Started
  • There are 5 options to choose from.  Select Mobil Money.
  • Choose a mobil money payout network. Select MTN mobil money account
  • Enter an amount to send in the US box.  In the box under that it will display how many Uganda schillings Willy will receive.
  • Your fee will be 99 cents and will be added to your total payment.
  • Press Continue.
  • Choose recipient. During your registration process you probably had to enter information for Willy. So his name should appear in the drop down box.  See his information below and enter this when you sign up.
  • Press NEXT
  • Select Payment Method.  It offers credit or debit card for mobil money.
  • Click NEXT
  • Enter your DEBIT CARD INFO. If you use a credit card you will have to pay cash advance fees! This is treated as CASH sent.
  • Click PAY
  • You will get a confirmation.

These steps are not difficult. It’s always more tedious the first time you sign up for a payment provider.

Willy’s Information for WorldRemit

  • Kawooya Willy
  • Mobil Phone Number  +256 776779771
  • For address enter the word NONE
  • City/Town is Matugga
  • Country should say Uganda
  • email is
  • Sending Reason: family or friend support

PayPal Information

Funds donated through PayPal will not be available to us for use until the virus crisis has abated in Uganda.

We use PayPal because it is the most efficient way for us to receive funds since we are located in Uganda. If you don’t have an account it is very easy to open one. There is also an option to give with your credit or debit card. Your statement will show a payment to Nicole Hoover. She is our treasurer based in the USA and processes our PayPal account

To donate in US Dollars click on the donate button.

Please note that contributions to a Ugandan ministry may not be tax deductible in your situation. You should check with your financial advisor about that. However, a tax benefit is so insignificant compared to the awesome blessing you’ll receive for investing in the welfare of the kids and elderly we serve. We are registered with the local government in our district.