New Children’s Home

It’s time for us to replace the home the children have been living in. This is a drawing of our future Children’s Home.  It will cost us $15,000 to build. Construction expenses in this part of Uganda are much lower than in other more developed countries. 


Our goal is to replace this building we rent with a modest, attractive, comfortable home. By eliminating the rent expense we will have more resources to meet the needs of the children

We are ready to move forward with the project. We have already made some progress.
Some site preparation has been completed.
We purchased two truck loads of dirt.
Some of the children are standing on a dirt pile eagerly anticipating their new home.
Our friends from Austria, Marie, Marcos and Frank, have donated 100 sheets of metal for the roof.
A home for the orphans will be such a special blessing to each of them.

Check out this video of Willy describing the building campaign for the new home!