Opportunities to Make a Difference

Opportunity! That’s something we always look for. A different job. A new place to live. New friendships. Getting more passionate about our relationship with Jesus. The list could go on and on.

The motivation to pursue opportunity is based on our individual desires. Some are totally committed to achieving a goal. Others are much less. But the fact is, there will be no goal to reach without an opportunity becoming available.

Here at Blessed Ministries Uganda, we provide multiple opportunities for many. 

  • A home for orphaned children, including food and medical care.
  • Teaching the children how to know Jesus Christ and learn His Word.
  • Formal education for those who are sponsored by caring donors. 
  • Meeting some basic needs of elderly people in our village.
  • Donating animals to our farm.
  • Christian outreach into our village to share the love of Jesus with others. One of the ways we do this is at Christmas and Easter when we treat our children to a special Jesus centered celebration and include others in the village.
  • Making a general donation to the ministry to be used as needed. This is a great option for those who are not able to be a sponsor. 

Our goal is to provide many more opportunities as the Lord provides the resources and speaks to our hearts, showing us what He wants us to do.

But one of the greatest opportunities we provide is for YOU! By getting involved with our work you will be able to impact the lives of those we serve; the children, the elderly and the village.

People get excited when they go after an opportunity and catch it. That will happen to you. You will experience the joy and satisfaction of knowing you are changing lives when you support Blessed Ministries Uganda. 

Get blessed! Get excited! Make a difference? Become a sponsor or donor today.